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Learn to play guitar

Beginner guitar lessons

In person guitar teacher near me

Kids | Adults | All ages & skill levels 

Beginner guitar lessons St. Charles, IL

In-person lesson pricing:


$35.00 weekly w/ monthly tuition

$40.00 single lesson


$55.00 weekly w/ monthly tuition
$60.00 single lesson

Monthly tuition

This reserves your time for the month​, and you will also save money compared to purchasing single lessons. The consistency of having a weekly lesson is pivotal toward getting the most from your lessons!


Single lessons are a great way to see if the fit is right. Single lessons will be accommodated when there is an opening in the schedule. Please get in touch with your availability and any questions.

♫ Electric or acoustic guitar 

♫ One-on-one lessons

♫ Learn guitar at your pace

♫ No experience needed

♫ Patient guitar teacher

Beginner guitar instructor

Travis Ziegler actively performs and teaches across the Chicago, IL area. He performed 120 gigs in 2023, playing everything from soul, classic rock, pop, hard rock, country, and more. He is patient, encouraging, and always willing to go the extra mile to help his students succeed.

Guitar lessons in my home
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